Your Favorite Names: Boys D-G

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Its the Welsh name for David. I like it because its not common.
This is my son's name and I think it is just such a handsome name and really sums up his very strong personality
Dakoda Blue
i created this name as a variant of Dakota cos i luv the nn Kody and i thought that this was a better version. this is just a cute name 4 both genders !

I have liked this name for around seven years ever since I met a little girl with this name but I like it for a boy.

this is a unique name I like.
I had a dog with this name when I was 7, and I always said i would name my child this. Being 7 I did not have children so instead i named my dog this.
I like the power this name conveys

Damian James
my future son's name

Damien Yamane
Ever since I first saw the movie "The Omen", I have been obsessed with that name. You shouldn't just think of an evil little boy. It's such a waste for such a beautiful name. Yamane is the name of a pastor in Ethiopia. I stayed with him when I went on a missions trip and he is just a wonderful man.

short simple unique
Daniel Ryan
here's me with those Irish names again. Daniel is just a classic, not too common name and I think Ryan complements it well.
boring it may be but it is one of my all time favorite names

(after a character in my fave book)

it sounds sort of like the name of a King or a character from a fantasy novel.

a little boy at my church is named Darius and he's cute
. Dartagnan DAR-TAN-ION
Dartagnan was the leader of the 3 Musketeers, my favourite bedtime story as a child. I still love that story and the courageous DARTAGNAN!
Dashal Hawkins
My favorite name is Dashal ( Dash-ul) Hawkins because it is my sons name! My husband picked the first which he said he heard on the tv show Santa Barbara. I picked the middle name after his dad whose nickname was Hawk. Hawkins means "little Hawk" Most people have never heard the name before.

Dashiell (dash-i-el)
after the author, of course! but i think it's a great name and pretty unique (i know there are some out there, but not that many). dash would also make a fine nickname.

One of my friends' brothers is named this. I like the name David, so adding an "n" would make it a little less popular

Strong male name.
heard it somewhere
Decklan Dunn
great sounding name
Delachey is my sons name, unusual names run threw my family my mum and my aunties are good at making up and finding names for babies.
Dempsey (demp-see)
first began liking this name when there was a guy in the cure back in the early 80s named michael dempsey (not a major player or anything, so it's kind of funny that the name has stuck with me). it's a normal last name, but probably a pretty uncommon first name.
unused mostly
my uncle's name; I've never heard of anyone else with the name
Devin Devon