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Were you one of 10 Jennifers or Mikes or Bobs or Lindas in your class at school? Do you not want your children to be known throughout the rest of their lives as "Caitlyn with a Y" or "Ryan J." (as opposed to "Ryan K." and "Ryan B.") Or perhaps you were the only Moonbeam or Daejuwon in school and loved it, and wish to continue the tradition. In any case, here is a site that, hopefully, will break you out of the bonds of conventional naming trends and start you down the path to creativity.

The trend in the 90s, that probably will continue on into the next millennium is to give babies more unique names. Whether you take old classics and re-spell them, or invent totally new names, people are getting more creative with names. Gone are the days when there will be 5 Judys or Jennifers in a class. Statistics show that fewer babies are being named with the top names. Even though this is the case, there are still trendy favorites that you may or may not want to avoid. hopefully, you'll learn which names are really popular and can make an informed decision as to what name to use. By the way, this site isn't just for naming babies. It's for anyone who wants to name anything! Dogs, cats, gerbils, D&D characters, characters in novels, houses, boats, cars...you name it!

Break out of the chains of convention and find a creative name!


What are *your* favorite names? Submit your favorite names, and read what names others like. Vote on our Name of the Week! Let the Name-o-Tron  create a new name just for you! Unusual Names Bulletin Board! Interact with other name connoisseurs!
The Armenianizer
Join the ranks of Cher (Cherilyn Sarkesian) and Jack Kevorkian and get an Armenian name! 
Rock 'n' Roll Generator
Get ready to rock, and prepare yourself to roll, because soon you will have the ultimate name for your band! 
What names do you DISLIKE? Here are some names that people think you should avoid! Random Name Generator Need a nom de plume? Need a name for a character? Sometimes you just need a name for the heck of it. 
Get a Breakdancing Name
Be illin' wit' yo' funky new name.
Irish Name Generator
Find an Irish name.
What To Name Your Baby Nerd
Looking for that special nerdy name for your little geekling? Even if you're not a sci-fi aficionado, there are ton of interesting and creative names for you to peruse!
Miriyam is a Grand Old Name and
I'm Just Wild About Enrique
Here are translations of common English names into 30 different languages.

****NEW!!!!!*****Random Irish Name Generator
Writing a novel set in Ireland? Have an unnamed Irish character? Sometimes you just want an Irish name. Click here to get one.
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Norah the Name Nerd Speaks!
Often baby name books are flat-out wrong. Click here to find out what's wrong with them!

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Articles, Advice, and Ideas:

  • Alternative replacements for some tired and/or trendy names.Tired of Caitlin, Taylor, Tyler and Brandon? Can't think of any other names? here are some names that have the same flavor but are not as popular.
  • Ambigendrous Names"meet my children- Payton Reece and Cameron Dayne"- so which one is the son, and which one is the daughter? Does it matter? Click here to find out.
  • Jordan vs. Jordyn vs. GeordynneEuneek Spelengs: Should you use them? Ponder the advantages and disadvantages of your Kreativ speleng ideas, and get some tips on how to create your own Euneek Speleng!
  • Caitlin Anne? Caitlin Marie? Caitlin Iphigenia? Need help picking out a middle name? perhaps you've never really given middle names any thought. Here are some ideas on middle names and the trends that surround them.
  • Mom Jr. and Dadette: Using Family Names Do you want to honor a family member by naming a child after him or her? Are you being pressured by family to name Baby after Grandpa Hubert or Great-Aunt Hildegarde? Here are some thoughts and suggestions on using family names.
  • Have You Got Rhythm? How important are rhythm and flow in names? How do you create names that sound melodic? This page discusses some issues with rhythm and flow.
  • What's Wrong With Common Names, Anyway? Here is an essay and a couple of random opinions from a couple of guest contributors on the subject of having a common name. It puts an interesting spin on names. Check it out!
  • Oran Jello and his Brother Lemon: Urban Legends About Names Here's an attempt to dispell some common myths about certain names.
  • Maybe Caitlyn and Tyler Aren't so Bad After All People have been sending me odd names of people they know. Some are urban legends; most are actual names of people. Have a look--maybe you won't hate your name so much after you read some of these!
  • Like Irish & Scottish Names? Visit our Irish and Scottish name sites! This site contains names, origins, meanings, articles and everything else! Also has specialty pages for naming pets and names that are easy to pronounce in English.

Other Name Lists:

  • Names for Grandparents Becoming a grandparent? Tired of Granny, Gramps and Grandma? Here are some alternatives! 
  • Names That Weren't Originally Names links to Nature Names, Place Names, Plant Names, virtues, color names, and plant/flower names.
  • Occupational SurnamesYou know Taylors and Tylers and Paiges, why not go for something more creative?
  • Name Anagrams
    Perhaps you'd like to honor a relative named Maria, but there are 5 of them in your family. How about naming her Amira? Amari? Here are a ton of names, common and unusual with other name anagrams. Perfect for themey-names for litters of kittens, twins, etc.
  • Past List of the Week Archive  
    Visit this page to see lists of Titanic passengers, James Bond Villains, hurricanes and more!
  • Mail Bag Here are some e-mails we've gotten over the past few months. If you're looking for other peoples' stories about names, or other miscellaneous suggestions about naming, check out these!

Here are some other lists of names, just for fun. They include:


Popularity Lists:

The Top 1875 Names of 2000-Girls 
We've finally gotten around to correlating all of the spellings of the top 1875 girls' names of 2000. See what the most popular names were for babies born last year! We're still working on the boys' names--hopefully we'll have them done by the end of the year.

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