Things I HATE!

Somebody has to do it! I mean, there are tons of websites out there that talk about how great that stupid little ho brittni Spears and that dumb bitch Mother Teresa are. Nobody has a website devoted to things they HATE! So here I am, loud, outspoken, and here to tell you what I HATE. If you are averse to negativity, please go away. I HATE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T TAKE NEGATIVITY! So here's what I HATE:

1. Hate
Where does the goddamn KKK get off saying that blacks are inferior? Like they don't own the company that makes all those little crown air fresheners. They love blacks and Catholics, admit it. What makes them so special that they can go around oppressing blacks and Jews and homosexuals? It was obviously a plot by the patriarchy!

2. People who say I'm not a stupid worthless piece of shit
I know I'm a stupid worthless piece of shit. We all know that. people who say otherwise are just trying to fucking placate me, and i HATE that! I'm fat, I'm annoying, I play Magic: The Gathering, My Jack Dempsey fish hates me and I haven't gotten laid in TWO FUCKING WEEKS!

3. Michelle Phillips
That stupid cow got all the attention in the Mamas and the Papas. we all know that it was Mama Cass who was the talent in that band. But NO, petite little Michelle, that flaky ho got all the recognition, just because people were trying to oppress mama Cass because she was ==gasp== FAT! I say screw you all! Mama Cass has more talent in one fat molecule than Michelle Phillips had in her entire skinny bitchy body!

4. Fake Lesbians
Come on, ladies, we all know that all you really want is a big, fat, juicy cock. You know it. Don't masquerade as lesbians just because you like to listen to Girls in th Nose. You are all a bunch of stupid posers! grow up!

5. People who make stupid web pages
Like there aren't enough totally worthless stupid web sites out there! Why pollute cyberspace with more of yuour inane bullshit! Do we really CARE? Do we give a crap that little whiny Ashley in East Buttfuck, Idaho *heart*s Justin from NSYNC SOOOOO much? No! LIke anyone cares what you like! Come on! Little Susie is being molested by her gym teacher, and I'm not!