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Why am I choosing to cut up slides on my web site? I feel that there comes a time in everyones' life when the necessity to chop up slides arises. Perhaps it is a desire to get past the simple slide-projector dominated days of yore and move into, say, digital video. Maybe I just liked this template and felt that there weren't many other options I could choose, since I don't like puppies, bible verses, or football. I actually think I was initially attracted to the gratuitous use of the color orange in the design.

This page is a Weblog, or so they tell me. Basically, I'm supposed to keep a journal online so that everyone on the planet can read it and see the juicy details of my life. Fat chance! Like I have anything to write about! Unless you are titillated by tales of playing Scrabble and sending faxes at work, I'm sure you'll be disappointed!

Books; Actual size=248 pixels wide

Back hoes are pretty neat, don't you think?

In this area I might add a GuestBook Web Gem so I can keep track of visitors to this site. Or, I may decide to leave annoying useless text here just to irritate you.