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Favorite Links

On this page I'll include some of my favorite places on the web, along with an explanation of what I like about each site.

See? You can become a Scientologist even if you're Armenian!
L. Ron hubbard doesn't discriminate!

Armenian Scientology

Haven't you always wondered where you can find a list of movies that feature bagpipes?

Bagpipes Go to the Movies

I know you have fantasies of hedgehogs dressed up like the Statue of Liberty, don't deny it! In fact, send someone a postcard!

Hedgehog Postcards

What do spandex and Magnetic Resonance Imaging have in common? They were both invented by Armenians, silly!

Armenian Hall of Fame

I like shelf brackets.

shelf brackets.

Show how much you care by sending loved ones a picture of Sean Connery in a kilt!

Men in Kilts