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My Family

Since you asked, please meet the members of my family.

My Mom is your stereotypical Flaky artist. She is a potter who is now completely obsessed with producing the Perfect Lamp. Ask her about harp sizes and shade width. Go ahead--I dare you! Only be careful, because she might show up at your house at 3:00 a.m. and vaccuum.

My Dad is a total dork without any social skills whatseover. He recently had cancer and thinks he should have a new outlook on life, but I don't think he knows how to go about doing that. Maybe he should consult my stepmother.

My Sister is difficult to describe because she has a new personality every month or so. Currently, she is a new age hippie with lesbian tendencies. She has 2 children who are pretty cool.

My Stepfather is a musician. He isn't as anal retentive as he used to be. Kudos to you, Slug, for mellowing out!

My Stepmother is a photographer, and a control freak who is obsessed with Aesthetics. We call her the Good Taste Gestapo. She can't handle pink flamingoes in any way, shape or form.

My Grandfather is very picky about grammar, syntax and. Woe to the mortal who says "sherbert" in front of him!


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