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Overcoming Adversity

I'll be honest about my struggle with chronic Dishpan Hands

I've been recovering from my chronic Dishpan Hands disorder for about 16 months now. I started to get Dishpan Hand Syndrome (or DHS) when I was about 13. Always an active child, i wondered "why is this happening to me?" Horrified and ashamed, I tried to hide my hands in a variety of different ways, including my pockets, muffs, and those gloves that change color when it gets cold.

I can't deny that I've been addicted to washing dishes for many years now. I'm not proud, but I am grown-up enough to admit it. My dish-washing addiction has ultimately led to the condition from which I suffer. "Why don't you get a dishwasher?" people often ask of me. "I have one, you're looking at her!" is my standard witty reply. Unfortunately, I would feel in such direct competition with a dishwasher, I don't think I would be able to live with one in the house.


My Mortal Enemy.

I'm not proud of my condition, but I have learned to live with it, and to seek help from those sources that would benefit me the most. I don't expect you to understand the pain and suffering I've been though from my DHS, but I'm hoping that a potential co-mater will understand and be able to help me through these troubled times, should I ever have a re-lapse.


DHS is no laughing matter! If you, or anyone you know suffers from chronic DHS, seek counseling IMMEDIATELY!